Sailing Moxie in the BVIs

Available as a Catamaran Charter

Why spend your holiday at one resort with limited options when you can experience a sailing vacation, feel alive with the wind in your hair, and island hop to new adventures!

You can charter Moxie from Tortala, BVIs with convenient access to the nearby grocery and liquor stores for provisioning. Your charter can be customized in duration and location. While most charter guest choose 7-10 days, there’s nothing set in stone and we can modify dates based on availability and your desires. You can also add extras like Stand Up Paddle boards or Kayaks to your adventure as well.

What’s that, you’re not a professional skipper or need some refresher training before chartering Moxie on your own. No worries mate, we can get you a skipper for a day or the whole duration if you wish. Just let us know.

All you have to do is email us, let us know what you want, and a date range for your charter. We’ll check the availability and get you setup with our booking agents.

Our Sailing Catamaran Charters

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