Calla (our labradoodle) trying to decide what to pack for her next trip!

Packing Tips For Charter

The initial consideration is not what to pack, but what to pack it in… Because storage space is at a premium the best idea if you are planning to take a charter is to use a duffel bag. I love the hard bottom duffel I bought from Eddie Bauer a few years ago.

Also, make sure to pack your travel documents if you plan to visit the British Virgin Islands you will want to have your passport. The currency that is used in the BVI is the US Dollar. Most businesses are equipped to handle credit card transactions, just be sure to notify your credit card company in advance so they do not place a hold on your account. Due to the high bank charges in the BVI most establishments will charge a 3% to 5% fee on all card transactions. Always have some cash with you to pay for moorings, or to use in some of the smaller bars and restaurants.

There is less access to medical care in the islands so I would also make sure not to forget any of your prescription medications and I usually pack ear drops because I am prone to developing ear infections. There will be a basic first aid kit available on the yacht.

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